Who we are

We are Wellstreet

Wellstreet was founded in February 2016. The name is a translation of Brunnsgatan, a street in central Stockholm where the company had its first headquarters. Wellstreet's investments include a unique combination of money, competence and network that help creating successful companies. Wellstreet targets businesses with clear path to profitability that are consumer-centric, online-based or infrastructure companies supporting the digital value chain. Wellstreet's current portfolio includes 20 companies, of which the majority are Scandinavian.

Our Portfolio

Our team

Meet the team

Mikael Wintzell

Partner & CEO

Sïmon Saneback


Henric Enhörning


Bo Rydgren

Head of Group Governance & IR

Jessica Carlsson

Head of Group Accounting

Emma Torstenson

Head of Group Coordination & Chief Culture Officer
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