Apply for Wellstreet Fintech Loft

February 5th, 2020
5 min read

Calling all early-stage fintechs, insure techs and reg techs in Sweden!

We are launching our fintech program The Wellstreet Fintech Loft with AWS at the Factory in February 2020. We already have 2 companies enrolled who have been working hard on building products and services of the future.

We will take in a maximum of 4 companies in this first cohort so we still have 2 seats up for grabs! Official programming hasn’t started so you still have time to apply.

As part of Stockholm fintech week next week we are holding an open day on February 12th for startups to come and pitch to us at The Factory! Submit your pitch deck to or at

Hurry up, we have only 3 pitching slots left!

A reminder of what we are looking for:

Investment Philosophy

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are obsessed with customer behaviour. We are driven by the revolutionary changes that have shifted customer expectations when it comes to their everyday experiences:

  • Globalisation: the removal of physical barriers, increasing transparency and simplicity while regaining a sense of control
  • Digitisation: mobile first, and providing access for new customer segments to fulfill emerging needs as our lifestyles and social contexts change
  • Technology: leveraging disruptive technologies & processes to optimise key parts of the value chain, increasing efficiency to serve new customer expectations that have so far outpaced incumbents’ capacity to deliver.

We focus on the Nordics, invest in both B2B and B2C companies, but want to build companies that can generate revenue from day 1. We help founders build sustainable businesses and provide real value to their customers through a superior experience.

Hard Criteria

  • Stage: currently scoping MVP, building MVP or testing MVP with early customers. At least 1 full time founder, with a business registered in Sweden
  • Geographical focus: they must be targeting the Nordic or European market
  • Base: they must have at least one co-founder based at the Factory to take full advantage of our Fintech Loft programme
  • Potential: Looking for companies that can generate revenue (even if small) from day 1, and that could break even within 24 months from commercial launch
  • Need: The company - when it comes to both product build and commercialization - can greatly benefit from close cooperation with the AWS Fintech Division and collaboration with one of Scandinavia’s biggest banks. Wellstreet’s Fintech Loft can offer them a competitive advantage in the market.

A reminder on Wellstreet Fintech Loft:

The Wellstreet Fintech Loft is a new investment program targeting entrepreneurs and early-stage startups within financial technology (fintech), regulatory technology (regtech), insurance technology (insurtech). The new program, running over 6 months, will provide startups with hands-on guidance and mentorship, monetary investments, and access to the latest cloud technologies and expertise from AWS.

Startups joining the new program will have access to seed funding, mentorship from Wellstreet and selected venture partners as well as industry knowledge and structure capital from a banking partner and guidance from selected niche players and other executives and experts in the industry. AWS experts will be based in the Wellstreet Fintech Loft and will provide technical guidance and support to the startups helping them build their business in the cloud by leveraging the latest secure cloud technologies such as blockchain, data analytics services, machine learning, and many more.

You can read more about it here.