About Wellstreet

September 13th, 2019
5 min read

Wellstreet is an innovation and tech ecosystem that includes an investment company, a strategic consultancy firm and a venture building program. We believe in challenging the status quo and doing things differently.

Wellstreet is committed to delivering excellence in all of our divisions: Ventures, Services and Digital. Our Innovation Methodology guides growth for all throughout the ecosystem, strengthening specific needs and consolidating collective objectives.

The innovation ecosystem

We know what your business needs to succeed

LOOKING FOR AN INVESTOR? Wellstreet Ventures Wellstreet can help. We play an important role in turning the ideas of entrepreneurs into working businesses, as well as helping those businesses to get the basics right and start earning money. Our portfolio says it all.

REACH YOUR POTENTIAL – Wellstreet Services We offer in-house expertise and consulting services through our service desk. We have a unique combination of in-house service providers, operating partners, and external advisors and we cooperate with other companies to offer value-added services.

INNOVATE AND DISTRUPT – Wellstreet Digital Innovation and disruption are everything today. And we believe that startups are the entities best-placed to innovate and disrupt. By using our proven portfolio methodology, we are able to create vertical and problem-specific cohorts of entrepreneurs to solve single (or multiple) problems for enterprises.

Actually, not a regular VC

Not just financial investment. Community.

Wellstreet do not only advice ­– we also have the resources to execute on the advice. Comprising of an international skilled team with expertise spanning over 20+ years of entrepreneurship and fundraising projects, Wellstreet's team are experts in championing good business ideas and creating a tank full to the brim of innovative business ventures and investment opportunities. The idea of strengthening the Swedish and Nordic ecosystem as whole flows through all of our efforts, as in our view the space for investment and business development can benefit and thrive much more when the members of the community work towards the same goal. We encourage companies we meet from our dealflow, portfolio companies, partners and fellow investors and VCs to be a part of this friendly network based on mutual support.