Wellstreet On Tour

Wellstreet goes on tour in Sweden

During its first year, Wellstreet has positioned itself as one of the most active seed investors in Swedish startups. Starting June 2017, Wellstreet will visit various Swedish cities in search of the next startup success. Startups have the chance to sign up and apply for a pitch session. Wellstreet will select 3-6 startups per city. In addition, a drop-in session will be open for elevator pitches.

Confirmed Tour dates


@ BizMaker, Storgatan 73
Upcoming (Dates TBD)





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About Wellstreet

Wellstreet is a private entrepreneurially driven investment company and one of Scandinavia’s most active seed investors in startups. Wellstreet’s investments include a unique combination of money, competence and network that help creating successful companies. We target businesses with clear path to profitability that are consumer-centric, online-based or infrastructure companies supporting the digital value chain.

About The Tour

Wellstreet on Tour will start on June 2017 and will continue during the second half of 2017. Startups can sign up in order to pre-book a pitch session with representatives from Wellstreet’s Investment Committee. If your application is accepted, a representative will be in contact with you in order to coordinate the details. If not, you will have the opportunity to enter a drop-in session for elevator pitches.

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