This is Wellstreet!

We are Wellstreet, a private investment company founded and driven by entrepreneurs. We're giving like-minded people with the right ideas a chance to succeed. With a mix of money, expertise and our unique network, we can create successes together with our entrepreneurs. Wellstreet was founded in February 2016 and has in a very short period of time become one of Scandinavia's most active investors in seed and early stage startups. 

What we invest in!

We invest in ideas that we understand, believe in and where we feel that we can help adding value in order to further strengthen the business. In return, we expect our entrepreneurs to have the right mindset, driving force and understand the value of being focused on finding cash flows as soon as possible.


By choosing the right ideas and entrepreneurs who are committed to adhere to our process,  our common ambition is to create veritable successes together!


We and our entrepreneurs have a mutual respect for each other. We love open and honest dialogues full of responsiveness and transparency.


Our work process is constantly subject to development, in order for the entrepreneur to have a proper focus on the progress and what drives the business forward.


It is important that the entrepreneur gets an optimal incentive in the business. This includes a balanced strategy regarding raising capital in relation to valuation to ensure that the entrepreneur still has the incentive.


It is crucial to be able to present concrete events that in the short and long term are of importance to the companies' possibilities, such as concrete cash flows based on real customers.


We are looking for startups that are primarily consumer-centered and online-based. Infrastructure companies that support the digital value chain and brands are also of interest for us to invest in.

We are a startup ourselves

Just like our portfolio companies, Wellstreet itself is a startup! A startup that works based on its business model and that goes through the same type of process. We have chosen to act strictly within the framework of our business model and vertical, but we are not afraid to change our direction along the way.  At this early stage, both in Wellstreet's and our startups' establishment process, we think that we have found a form and phase that fits well with the network and competencies we possess, and thus offer our portfolio companies.

We are self-financed

In order to maintain Wellstreet's entrepreneurial drive,  we have chosen to invest from our own pockets. The fact that almost all the money invested in our portfolio companies comes from Wellstreet's partners, i.e. shareholders, means of course that we can not compete with the established VC companies in terms of investment volume. We therefore see ourselves primarily as a co-investor who drives the industry forward and complements other players with our unique mix and hands-on expertise.

Our invesments

Wellstreet invests in very early stages. In the earliest, which we categorize as The Lab, there is a ceiling for financial investment of 50,000 EUR. However, operational efforts and accessibility to Wellstreet's extensive network, including our own group companies that have been created in order to improve the opportunities within the process and allow our portfolio companies to maximize the focus on the right things. We prefer that companies within The Lab are operating from Wellstreet's premises in central Stockholm, for reasons such as optimized logistics and accessibility. It is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to sit together with other peers who support and motivate each other.

Startups that have come a bit longer in their development, which we categorize as Venture shall have at least a product or MVP as well as a demonstrable traction. For companies that meet these parameters, the ceiling for investment is 500,000 EUR. Once the portfolio companies have met the process requirements and are ready to be exhibited in a so-called A-round, we will in most cases make an exit in connection with this. In some cases, we can of course also consider staying as a shareholder with a ticket in the box - or a combination of both alternatives.

Want to know more about Wellstreet? Feel free to contact us at any time!